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Jazz Society

the RCM Jazz Society is here for all of your non classical needs! It hosts regular events at college, such as Original Music Nights, Jazz jams (all welcome to play) and our students Union Big Band- a biannual student run big band project culminating in an evening of great music at BaRCM.

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We are the colleges dedicated LGBTQ+ hub and we’re here to make RCM the most friendly music college there is. We have a completely open door policy. There’s no such thing in not being LGBT enough to get involved in what we do! Come along just as you are and you will always be welcome. We hold regular coffee mornings, evenings socials and all sorts of different things to get involved with.


Film Scoring society

This society is run by the composition for screen students and our activities will include score studies of film music, student lectures about relevant film scoring topics and guest speakers ranging from established film composers to music editors and directors. Along with occasional pizza hangouts and film trivia game nights! We’ll meet in room 403 on Fridays and let you know the time. Join our Facebook group for more info on our very first meeting (@RCMFilmScoringSociety) 

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RCM Christian Union

At RCM CU everyone is welcome to drop into our weekly meetings. You can ask questions and we often have a discussion, prayer and food! As an open and honest community, our aim is to support each other in loving both Jesus and everyone around us through everything we do.


RCM Men's Football Society

We would love to have you in our football society. We plan weekly kick abouts in Westway training centre and Gunnersbury park where we get to play in full 11 a side pitches. During term time we organise football matches against the other conservatories in London. everyone is welcome to join independently of their experience and level. We’re just here to have fun!


Women’s football Society

come and play with RCM womens football. Non binary people also welcome. We meet weekly on Sundays at 12:30 on the steps to College, then walk over to Hyde Park to train. No experience necessary. All very low pressure. There’s usually games monthly but but all sessions range from matches, kick about games, drills, to our new creation football frisbee! It’s a great way to meet new people too. 

Composing Music

RCM New Music Society

The NMS is an open and friendly society dedicated to the creation and performance of new music. If you have an idea for a concert, collab, project, performance of festival or anything else besides, the society is there to help you! 
Anyone can join at any time. Members will gain access to the New Music Society Forum, a group where the society and its members discuss ongoing new music projects and meet to advise on all aspects of coordination. We can assist members with booking rehearsal space at college and finding collaborators. 

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Chess club

established as a new club this year, RCM Chess Club would love to welcome members of any skill level to come along and have a sociable night with friends in the RCM cafe! The club is happy to teach complete beginners how to play, arrange fixtures against other colleges, be flexible in when and how often they meet and organise an intra RCM chess ladder. If you’re interested in joining, come and see us at the freshers fair, or send an email to

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RCM Women's Football

Non-binary people also welcome, all abilities welcome, even if you've never played before, and we meet at 12:30 on Sundays outside college and the training sessions take place in Hyde Park.


Imperial Societies

Imperial College London's Societies are available for RCM students to join. Follow the link to explore what's available!

Mountains in Clouds

Societies at the RCM!

The RCM has a selection of societies to join. Joining doesn’t mean any financial commitment as there are no membership fees and every society has a pay per event policy. All society events are open to everybody at college at the same price. Signing up to just means that you are on the mailing list so that you receive advance info about events. You also get a say in the events and activities that take place. Imperial college have over 300 societies and we highly recommend having a look at those to (head over to their website)


Cymdeithas Gymraeg

The RCM Welsh society welcomes everybody that wants to socialise and celebrate Welsh culture and events. We hope to meet regularly for events such as St David’s Day and to watch and support national sporting events such as wales international rugby and football games. The society aims to showcase the talent of the Welsh body of students by organising concerts of Welsh music throughout the year.

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