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This academic year we have: Jazz, Film Scoring, Christian Union, Minecraft, Football, Bouldering, Calisthenics, Folk Music, Chess Club, Musical Theatre, Electronic Music, DASH (Disability and Student Health), QRCM and Feminist Societies. Scroll down to see their details!

Joining doesn’t mean any financial commitment as there are no membership fees but society might have a pay per event policy. Signing up to just means that you are on the mailing list so that you receive advance info about events. Imperial College has over 300 societies and we highly recommend having a look at those to (check it out at the bottom of the page).


Jazz Society

Hello! We are the jazz society, welcoming experienced jazzers as well as the most classical players into our midst! We run jazz jams every week on Thursdays (19:30-22:30) and will be organising big band as well as small group projects! It’s also just a place to find people to go to external jams and gigs with, as well as giving BaRCM some entertainment once a week :)) If you have any questions, come and find me around college, and I’ll fill you in! I can’t wait to meet you all and play some tunes together!  

Lydia and the cats of college   

Contact Lydia Cochrane via RCM email to sign up.


Film Scoring Society

Film Scoring Society is a collective of students who study or have an interest in film music and music written for media more broadly. Founded in 2020, the society aims to create a strong community of learning through hosting discussions and masterclasses with people at the forefront of the industry. Highlights have included visits from John Lunn (Downton Abbey), Rachel Portman (Chocolat), and Mychael Danna (Life of Pi). 

Contact Jack Ledger-Dowse via RCM email to sign up.

thumbnail_RCM CU logo.jpg

The RCM Christian Union hopes to give everyone in College the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. We welcome everyone to join us in exploring what this good news means. 


We meet every Thursday during term time from 2:00-3:00pm. 

Contact Hilary Yip via RCM email to sign up.


Minecraft Society


The Official Royal College of Music Minecraft Society is a society that plays Minecraft together online. That’s all we do, and we love it. 

Contact Jack Ledger-Dowse via RCM email to sign up.


Football Society

Welcome to the RCM football team, welcome to anyone through all years at RCM. We run weekly kick abouts in Hyde park and 5-a-side mini tournaments for anyone to come along to and play. We also compete against other conservatoires throughout the year so keep an eye out for upcoming games and show your support by watching or playing! Looking forward to a great year.

Email Joshua Cusworth via RCM email to sign up.


Bouldering Society

Joe and Eva founded the Bouldering Society after realising how many musicians enjoy climbing. We aim to bring a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive spirit to the climbing community, and we organise meets in Ravenswall (next to Ravenscourt Park station, 5 min walk from PCV). We welcome everyone of all abilities, from never having touched a wall to seasoned professionals. If you like staying active whilst engaging your problem solving brain, bouldering is for you! 

Email Eva Serksnaite or Joe Lyndley via RCM email to sign up.

Core and Abs

Calisthenics Society

Want to become the strongest and most mobile students in music conservatoire? Join Calisthenics society with male and females welcome. Sessions held 3 times a week on Tuesday 16:00-18-00 Thursday 16:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-13:00. For now, the location will be at Paddington Recreation Grounds with the nearest station being Maida Vale (Bakerloo line). We will be working on beginner strength exercise from push-ups to getting your first muscle up and much more. Great for general well-being, focus and quality of sleep. Live your future now and get toned and fit by joining Calisthenics society. 

Email Ethan Lieber via RCM email to sign up.


Chess Club

Chess Club isn’t as ominous as it sounds… We’re a friendly bunch of morons who dwell in Barcm on Wednesday evenings from 1830-2030, occasionally drinking beer, often falling out and always having fun. We accommodate those who are so beginner, they look at a board and feel queasy, to those advanced players who study Sicilian theory so meticulously that their teachers really should give them more to practice.


Email Tom Law with your phone number so he can add you to the WhatsApp group, and your journey into RCM chess can begin xx 


RCM FolkSoc

RCM’s Folk Music Society is a community that explores folk music from the UK and beyond. We meet fortnightly on Wednesday evenings in BarCM and play tunes, sing songs and share our love for this music. We will be holding workshops and classes throughout the year with both RCM students and industry professionals alike taking the helm. 

Contact Leila Hooton or Matthew Stringer via RCM email for more information.


Musical Theatre Society 

‘Hello!’, ‘Do You Hear The People Sing?’ 

With the Musical Theatre Society, we want to unite all the students with a heart for theatre. Singers, musicians and even composers and conductors! As a new society, we want to organize small events and projects (concerts, guests, karaoke night,…) throughout the year. We will also plan one or more group trips to a theatre show! Send us an email if you want to join our Facebook group! So don’t throw away your shot; let’s defy gravity and seize the day! 

Contact Obe Vermeulen via RCM email to sign up.


Electronic Music Society

In RCM Electronic Music Society, we aim to create a space where people can meet to share music (regardless of genre!), learn from external guest producers who will come and share ideas, creating a database of good sound libraries and tutorials, and having fun listening/DJing and making music together with synthesizers and DAWs! We will also explore and study together advanced techniques such as max msp and how we could fuse classical and electronic.   


We will meet once every week or two weeks. 

Contact Delyth Field via RCM email to sign up.



DASH (Disability, Access, and Student Health) is a society aimed at creating a space for anybody with long-term health conditions (physical or mental), chronic illnesses, or requiring welfare support. You don't have to be disabled or receiving DSA to join! 

For all our current social media, please follow our linktree: 
We're hoping to meet once or twice a term, but more often if the need arises!

Email James Todd via RCM email to sign up

Rainbow Pride Month Playful Colorful Instagram Post.png


QRCM is a society for RCM's LGBTQ+ community to meet, hang out and celebrate important events! We are a fun, all-welcoming and very informal society that encompasses anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ and their allies. QRCM events range from evenings in BaRCM to casual meet-ups in College to taking part in London Pride.


Contact Asher Joyce via RCM email to stay updated on what goes on!

Girls Support Girls.png

Feminist Society

FemSoc (Feminist Society) is a place for students of all genders to discuss topics surrounding feminism and gender, share resources and promote the importance of feminism throughout the College and in the music industry more generally.


Meeting times/formats still to be confirmed, but email Asher Joyce via RCM email to be kept in the loop when meetings begin. 


Imperial Societies

Imperial College London's Societies are available for RCM students to join. You will need to get an Associate Membership for £5 in the ICU Office in the Beit Quad and then each any society fees required. Follow the link to explore what's available!

RCM Christian Union

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